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Paul Bunyan Jobsite Cam


  1. Emergency Tree Removal, Tree On Car
    This is an emergency response to a tree that fell on the customer's vehicle, and neighboring house.
  2. Pruning A Large Pecan Tree, weight reduction - climber cam footage
    Very Mature Pecan Tree Being Pruned By Steve, Edgar, And Quevin. The main focus is on weight reduction and hazard prevention.
  3. Installing 2 Live Oak Trees
    Steve and Edgar install 2 Live Oak Trees in Arlington, TX
  4. Dangerous Cottonwood "Fat Daddy" Tree Removal Part 2
    Removal Of A Dangerous Cottonwood Tree That Has Been Previously Topped Off, Holds A Lot Of Water.
  5. Dangerous Cottonwood "Fat Daddy" Tree Removal Part 1
    Dangerous Removal Of A Large Rotten Cottonwood Tree That's Been Previously Topped, And Holds A Lot Of Water
  6. Climber Footage Of Tricky Pine Removals In Colleyville,TX
    Pine tree removals, one with spread out co-dominant leads, one straight up, and one with back weight.
  7. Large Pecan Tree Removal In Grand Prairie, Dallas TX
    Edgar, Steve, And Kevin Take Down A Large Pecan Tree In A Tight Backyard In Grand Prairie, TX
  8. Hazardous Hackberry With Large Cavity, Tree Removal
    Taking out a hackberry with a large cavity, plus a small cedar tree.
  9. Long Time Dead Sycamore Hazardous Tree Removal
    Removing a long time dead Sycamore tree from backyard, limited acces
  10. Removal Of Small Hackberry, Tree Failure
    Removal of a fallen hackberry on fence.
  11. Rotted Red Oak In Decline Moderate Decay
    Edgar takes down a small red oak that is decayed to the point of instability.
  12. Fallen Tree On Homeowner's Power Line-Emergency Removal
    Removing a fallen ash tree from on top off an insulated power wire in a tangled up mess of surrounding trees.
  13. Felling Leaner Against Building- Tree Removal From Ground
    Removal of Elm Tree Leaning Toward Building, From Ground
  14. Stump Grinding, Red Oak Stump
    Grinding A Red Oak Stump With A Vermeer SC252 Stump Grinder
  15. Crown Reduction Of Peach Tree
    Crown Reduction Of A Peach Tree. The Homeowner Feels The Tree Has Grown Too Large For Its Area
  16. Creek Bed Tree Removals Limited Access
    Removal Of 2 Trees In a Creek Bed Using Mini Skid And Arborist Block Attached To Another Tree Up The Hill
  17. Aggressive Pruning Of A Red Oak Tree
    Aggressive Pruning Over House And Street, Crown Thinning, Before And After Presentation
  18. 75 FT. Water Oak Large Tree Removal Arlington, TX
    Remove Large Water Oak Tree Using Bucket Truck And Mini Skid, Semi-Tight Space
  19. Large Tree Removal, Rainy Day On White Rock Lake, Dallas
    Removal Of Large Green Ash On White Rock Lake In Dallas.
  20. Tree Pruning Explained, A View From Inside The Canopy
    A demonstration of tree pruning from inside the canopy. Actual footage of work being performed.
  21. Corrective Tree Pruning Demonstration
    A demonstration of corrective pruning in a Pecan Tree, also a Red Oak, Major section.
  22. Cabling A 55 Foot Red Oak, Rotting Main Crotch
    Installing a cable to prevent crotch failure of a 55 foot Red Oak next to house.
  23. Pruning Several Large Trees Near House
    mainly saplings, light dead wood, remove a few limbs that are too low over house
  24. Complete Tree Removal 50 Foot Cypress
    complete tree removal 50 foot cypress
  25. Tree Leaning Over House, Weight Reduction Trim
    weight reduction of large pecan tree leaning over house
  26. Tree Root Barrier Installation
    Install a 20 ft. root barrier next to house
  27. Complete Removal Of Dead Oak Tree
    removal of dead oak tree using bucket, mini skid, stump grinder
  28. Hackberry removal over fence
    removal of uprooted hackberry over fence