Stump Grinding

Paul Bunyan Tree Service offers tree stump removal in addition to tree removal service. Tree Stump Removal or Stump Grinding can vary in price depending on depth, surface area, and location.  Most trees have surface roots, extending out from the stump, that should be considered when figuring the total work area. We would be happy to come by and take a look, to give a free estimate and a set price.
Tree Stump Grinding usually starts at $100 for tree stumps with a diameter of 12" or less depending on access and location. The cost is usually $50 per additional foot. To get a better idea, we suggest measuring the diameter of the entire area to be ground, while also considering any visible surface roots. You also have the option to keep the pile of grindings to cut cost. You may even text or e-mail any pics you have to get a rough estimate over the phone. We recommend placing an object next to the stump for scale. 

​Call or text now for your tree stump removal quote!