Tree Removal​

Tree removal service is the most challenging facet of the tree service industry. Removing a tree is often a perilous and formidable task, especially in tight urban spaces that contain multiple obstacles. Examples of these hindrances include power lines, roofs, windows, fences, pool equipment, flower beds, hardscapes, mailboxes, outdoor lighting, sprinkler systems, and sometimes all of the above. At Paul Bunyan Tree Service we are Danger Zone Experts, and have the ability to maneuver around treacherous areas with razor sharp precision.
First and foremost, our tree climbing professionals each have well over a decade of experience in this craft. We are vastly knowledgeable in many roping methods associated with tree climbing and branch rigging. Our equipment consists of every arborist block, pulley, and friction device required to safely tackle heavy tree sections looming over valuable property. Each tree climber is adorned with full protection from helmet to boots, and the right tools to work efficiently, yet safely. In addition, we routinely attend annual seminars to stay up to date in all rigging and climbing techniques.

Secondly, we have the necessary tree and brush disposal equipment to remove tree branches and tree trunks while executing extremely large tree removals. Surprisingly, the most grueling part of the job is hauling away the debris once it's all on the ground. 

Most importantly of all, we are fully prepared with a comprehensive commercial insurance policy for your protection. Paul Bunyan Tree Service keeps all bases covered, so that you can rest at ease with the assurance that a professional and safe job is under way.

 To sum things up, we specialize in removing giant, hazardous trees where multiple obstacles are present. As a matter of fact, we look forward to a good challenge. Once the tree is removed down to the stump, we can also assist with tree stump grinding.
 Please visit our Media Gallery to view video footage of how we engage precarious tree removal situations.

Watch Steve Rig Out A Heavy
Trunk Section Over The Sidewalk